New! Malnutrition Matters Education Program for Providers

The ASPEN Malnutrition Committee has created the Malnutrition Matters Education Program for providers to highlight the importance of addressing malnutrition in hospital patients. 

Nutrition clinicians should use the slide presentations to educate hospital care providers—physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. They contain important facts and information for diagnosing and documenting malnutrition in adult and pediatric patients. 

There are two ready-to-use presentations, one for each population, and they take only 10-15 minutes to present. These copyright-protected slides are not to be modified but can be included as part of another nutrition support-related presentation. Notes are included in the slide presentations and it is recommended that you review the key papers below to help brief you on the material.

Malnutrition Matters Adult    Malnutrition Matters Pediatric Thumbnail

Learn more about the program here.