A.S.P.E.N. Novel Project Update

Much is still happening with the New Opportunities for Verification of Enteral tube Location (NOVEL) project. Here is a quick update on what is happening and some participation opportunities:

  1. The NG tube prevalence study is currently in the data collection phase. We have extended this until around June to accommodate centers who are still dealing with their IRB process. If your hospital is interested in participating, contact Beth Lyman at [email protected] as there is still time to become involved. To date, we have 130 hospitals in various phases of participation.
    • Preliminary results show a much wider use of NG tubes we predicted. Most of these patients are in a NICU.
    • There seems to be no standard approach to verifying placement of these tubes.
    • We have two research work groups forming to expand the body of evidence regarding NG tube placement verification. 
    • A pediatric homecare point prevalence study is being designed much like the pediatric Inpatient once that is underway. There is no data on this in the literature. We are looking for pediatric homecare agencies to participate in working on the study design or just in participating as a data collection site. If you have a pediatric population who have NG tubes at home or know of someone who might be interested, please contact Candice Moore RN at [email protected]
    • A prospective randomized clinical trial in NICU patients is being designed to compare 2 approaches to NG tube placement verification. If you have access to a large NICU population and are interested in participating in this work group, please contact Kerry Wilder RN at [email protected].
  2. Introducing NOVEL–I an international arm of this project. This group will collaborate on best practices for NG tube verification, product development and research. If your hospital is interested in participating in the NG tube prevalence study going on now or any of the projects listed above, please contact Beth Lyman at the email address above.