Textbooks and chapters  

  • Guichard, Susan Weil. Nutrition in the Kidney Transplant Recipient, in Danovitch Gabriel M (ed.): Handbook of Kidney Transplantation , 3 rd edition. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2001, pp 394-410. Concise and excellent overview of the nutrition considerations in the pre-transplant, acute post transplant, and long-term post transplant patient.  
  • Mitch WE, Klahr S (eds). Handbook of Nutrition and the Kidney , 3 rd edition. Lipincott-Raven, 1998. Thorough pocket guide to nutrition assessment, needs, and treatment strategies for a variety of renal conditions including diabetic nephropathy, nephritic syndrome, acute renal failure, and hemodialysis.  
  • Mitch WE, Klahr S (eds.). Nutrition and the Kidney , 2 nd edition. Boston: Little Brown, 1993. Excellent text outlining both the scientific background for and the rational approaches to nutritional therapy in patients with acute and chronic renal failure.  
  • Kopple JD, Massry SG (eds). Nutritional Management of Renal Disease . Williams and Wilkins, 1997. A compendium of information on the nutrition and metabolism of persons with renal disease and renal failure. The chapters emphasize the integral relationship between nutrition and the clinical status of patients.  
  • Mitch WE. Nutrition in Renal Disease, in Jacobsen HR, Stricker GE, Klahr S (eds): The Principles and Practice of Nephrology. Mosby 1995, pp 738-767. Fine chapter on nutritional requirements and management techniques for patients with varying degrees of renal disease and failure.  

Review Articles  

  • Musci I, Hercz G. Control of serum phosphate in patients with renal failure - new approaches. Nephrol Dial Transplant 1998 Oct; 13(10): 2457-60. A concise review of the problems and current treatment approaches to managing hyperphosphatemia in chronic renal failure.  
  • Mitch WE, Maroni BJ. Factors causing malnutrition in patients with chronic uremia. American Journal of Kidney Diseases 1999 Jan.;33(1): 176-9. Brief review of the factors that can contribute to the malnutrition often seen in patients with chronic renal failure.  
  • Kopple JD. Therapeutic approaches to malnutrition in chronic dialysis patients . American Journal of Kidney Diseases 1999 Jan.;33(1): 180-5. A review of the standard and experimental therapies being used to treat malnutrition in dialysis patients.  
  • Foulks CJ. An evidence-based evaluation of intradialytic parenteral nutrition. American Journal of Kidney Diseases 1999 Jan.;33(1):186-192. A thorough review of the use and efficacy of intradialytic parenteral nutrition.  

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Clinical algorithms, practice standards, position papers  

  • NKF-DOQI Clinical Practice Guidelines for Nutrition in Chronic Renal Failure, Adult Guidelines. American Journal of Kidney Diseases June 2000, 35(6) suppl 2: S17-S104.