Safe Practices for Enteral Nutrition Therapy

ASPEN has developed Safe Practices for Enteral Nutrition Therapy to share with clinicians, administrators, educators and researchers, the healthcare community, patients, and their caregivers for delivering EN in an effort to optimize enteral nutrition practices.


The specific topics covered in the recommendations include:

Assessment and Recommendations

Prescribing and Communicating the Enteral Nutrition Order

Review of the Enteral Nutrition Order

Enteral Access

Procure, Select/Prepare, Label, and Dispense EN

Administration: General

Administration: EAD Patency

Medication Delivery via Enteral Access Devices

Complication Avoidance and Error Reporting

Monitoring and Reassessment

Transition of Care

Documentation and Quality Review Issues


Boullata JI, Long Carrera A, Harvey L, et al. ASPEN safe practices for enteral nutrition therapy. JPEN J Parenter Enteral Nutr. 2017; 41(1):15 –103.