Patient and Caregiver Education

These resources are for patients (consumers), caregivers, or clinicians to use for education, support, and networking about enteral and parenteral nutrition. It has been shown that patients have improved outcomes with appropriate education and involvement in support groups.   

Organization Resources   

Oley Foundation

Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation


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Patient Education Materials - The chapters available for download listed below are from A.S.P.E.N.'s Patient Education Manual. This book presents a compilation of some of the best patient information tools from the most prestigious institutions and organizations with years of experience with patients receiving nutrition support therapies. This incomparable resource is a must-have for healthcare professionals to assist their patients, their families and caregivers better understand clinicians' verbal explanations concerning nutrition therapy options and procedures.
Que es la Nutricion Enteral? (Spanish)
The Location of the Nasogastric Feeding Tube