Patient and Caregiver Education

These resources are for patients (consumers), caregivers, or clinicians to use for education, support, and networking about malnutrition, enteral, and parenteral nutrition. It has been shown that patients have improved outcomes with appropriate education and involvement in support groups.   

Organization Resources   

Oley Foundation

Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation

Patient Education Materials

What is Nutrition Support Therapy?
What is a Nutrition Support Professional?

This link takes you to ASPEN’s Malnutrition Solution Center where there is a whole section of tools and resources for consumers and families on how to identify and understand malnutrition, as well as tips on on talking to their healthcare providers.

Enteral Nutrition
What is Enteral Nutrition?
What is Enteral Nutrition? (En Espanol)

Parenteral Nutrition
What is Parenteral Nutrition?
What is Parenteral Nutrition? (En Espanol)


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