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Exhibitor Advisory Council

ASPEN Exhibitor Advisory Council Overview  

Download the EAC application.

The Exhibitor Advisory Council (EAC) was created to provide a voice for ASPEN Nutrition Science and Practice Conference exhibitors and to assist the society with the planning, management and evaluation of the exhibit hall and its components. The EAC’s primary function is to promote the involvement and interests of exhibiting companies and to serve as an advisor to ASPEN management on exhibit policies, issues and latest industry trends.

The mission of the EAC is to build a foundation of joint goals and interests between exhibitors and show management and to foster a mutual understanding of our separate interests. This will be accomplished through an established communication channel, collaboration and a fortified strategy to enhance the overall conference experience for both exhibitors and attendees. The EAC sees value in a diverse representation of companies of varying sizes and industry sectors.

An overview of council responsibilities includes:

  • Provide advice and guidance to the ASPEN Exhibit Management staff
  • Foster improved communication between exhibitors and ASPEN staff
  • Review exhibit-related policies and regulations and identify other useful information for exhibitors
  • Provide feedback on ASPEN expositions and ways for improvement
  • Represent the interests of ASPEN exhibitors

Council member qualifications and requirements:

  • Exhibiting company must exhibit annually
  • Must have exhibited at the previous two ASPEN conferences
  • Appointee must be a full-time employee of the exhibiting company (no contractors)
  • Representatives must have exhibit responsibilities for the organization they represent
  • No required minimum booth size. A limited number of seats will be filled from the following ranges:
    • Four to five (4-5) companies that occupy 100 square feet
    • Three to four (3-4) companies that occupy between 200 - 400 square feet
    • One to two (1-2) company that occupies over 400 square feet

Membership terms and requirements:

  • Members will be selected through an application process, not by direct invitations
  • Members are appointed for a term of two years
  • ASPEN show management will appoint committee members for the inaugural year
  • Future members will be appointed by the established council
  • The council co-chair will be selected by EAC members
  • Representatives may be re-appointed for a second term
  • Another representative from the exhibiting company may apply to be a member after a previous representative’s tenure has expired

The EAC is a volunteer council. Members are not compensated nor do they receive additional priority points. The EAC will meet twice a year via conference calls and once a year in person during the annual ASPEN meeting. Ideas for enhancing the conference are always welcome and valued. As such, council members are encouraged to share their advice and concerns with ASPEN as they arise throughout the year.

For more information, contact Valerie Mickiewicz at [email protected].