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Letter from the Chair

Laszlo KiralyDear Critical Care Section Members,

I hope everybody is having a fantastic summer. After continuous rain for several months, we in Oregon are finally enjoying our delayed Pacific Northwest sunshine. We are really looking forward to our section meeting in Orlando next year. Additionally, we would like to announce several initiatives being planned for the remainder of the year.

Our section members have very busy clinical roles throughout the nation. We would like to honor our clinicians with a member spotlight. For our first spotlight, I would like to recognize the achievements of our very own chair-elect, Jay Patel. Dr. Patel is a critical care physician currently practicing at the Medical College of Wisconsin. In his five years in practice, Dr. Patel has already made significant contributions to the nutrition community. He applied for the competitive Nestle Nutrition Institute fellowship and was easily selected. He is active in nutrition research and is developing a reputation of a prolific academic author. Dr. Patel was recently selected to become an associate editor of Nutrition in Clinical Practice. Dr. Patel will take over leadership of the section in 2018 and I can assure you that the section will be in great hands!

I would also like to announce several initiatives we plan on rolling out this year. First, we plan to hold a “journal club” review of new critical care nutrition literature. We are working on the timing, logistics, and details. Our goal is to establish a forum to discuss new advances in the nutrition and metabolic care of our critically ill patients. I am in search of volunteers willing to present articles in the forum. This should be a “low stress” event and am looking forward to interacting with the entire group!

Last year, our previous chair, Sarita Bajpai, guided us through a tremendous complex learning case. We plan to continue this activity at next year’s meeting with even more audience input. We plan on sending a pre-meeting survey of our members to obtain topics of interest. We will highlight these topics in several educational cases that I will present during the meeting. I am very open to feedback on the section and please do not hesitate to send me an email at any time!


Laszlo Kiraly MD
Chair, Critical Care Section, ASPEN


Seeking Volunteers! The Critical Care Section of ASPEN will be launching a journal club for members and we are seeking volunteers to work with the chairs and Section Leaders to present and moderate the discussions. We would like to host 2-3 webinars per year for the journal club. Interested members can email [email protected]

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Clinical Nutrition Week 2017 | Orlando, Florida | February 18 -21, 2017
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