Dudrick Symposium - Pediatric Intestinal Failure: Frontiers in Intestinal Adaptation

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Paul Wales, BSc, MD, MSc, FRCSC, FACS is a Neonatal and Pediatric Surgeon at The Hospital for Sick Children(SickKids). He completed medical school and his general surgery residency at the University of British Columbia. He then completed a Pediatric General Surgery Fellowship at SickKids in Toronto followed by a Masters of Science in Clinical Epidemiology at The University of Edinburgh, Scotland/UK.

Since beginning his practice in 2002, Dr. Wales has been interested and invested in the care of infants and children with short bowel syndrome and intestinal failure. Dr. Wales was instrumental in the establishment of the GIFT (Group for Intestinal Function and Treatment) program at SickKids, which remains the only formal intestinal rehabilitation program in Canada and where he remains Director of Operations. Being in such a position allowed Dr. Wales to bring to light the impact of intestinal rehabilitation programs on reducing mortality from both intestinal failure and associated liver disease and the need for liver transplantation. He also founded the Intestinal Failure fellowship at SickKids Hospital, recognizing the need to develop clinicians with the expertise and skills set to care for infants with intestinal failure.

Dr. Wales has made significant gains in research by developing a translational porcine model of intestinal failure with distal intestinal resection. The model has also revealed insights into mechanisms of parenteral nutrition associated liver disease, potential treatment such as GLP-2 and the effect of different lipid emulsions on liver disease. Dr. Wales is also an esteemed teacher and has been awarded the Pediatric General Surgery Fellowship Teaching Award (twice) and the POWER Teacher of the Year Award from the University Of Toronto Department Of Surgery. He has motivated many to pursue the study of intestinal failure and nutrition support.

Among Dr. Wales’ patients and their families, he is revered as sincere and
kind. At the same time, he is also a loving husband and father to four children.
The only time when Dr. Wales is not speaking about intestinal failure or nutrition support is when he is speaking about his love for his family.

Trophic Factors and Mechanisms of Intestinal Adaptation
Brad Warner, MD

Microbiome and Adaptation
Karen Marsden, PhD, MSc, BA

Michael Helmrath, MD, MS

Prebiotics and Adaptation
Kelly Tappenden, PhD, RD, FASPEN

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