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Exhibitors and Sponsors

Exhibitors and Sponsors

The ASPEN Nutrition Science and Practice Conference brings together clinical nutrition leaders from nearly 50 countries. Designed to enhance the understanding and collaboration among clinical nutrition specialists, and raise the profile of nutrition within the health care community and general public, this conference features a comprehensive educational and scientific program focusing on the latest research, clinical practice and technological advances in clinical nutrition.

Why Participate in the ASPEN Nutrition Science and Practice Conference?

By participating at the ASPEN Nutrition Science and Practice Conference, you greatly increase your company’s visibility among the top international clinical nutrition professionals. In addition to helping you meet your marketing goals and bringing awareness to your brand, conference sponsorship allows you to connect with over 2,000 valuable leads and potential clients in one place.

You can also expect:

  • The largest audience of multidisciplinary clinical nutrition professionals (physicians, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, researchers, students, and other professionals).   
  • Opportunities to connect with this specialized audience and drive home your product or service in pre and post-event marketing.   
  • Quality leads from dedicated clinical nutrition specialists who are leaders in the field. These individuals attend the conference to gain evidence-based knowledge that will improve their patient outcomes; your company’s products and services support this effort.   
  • Throughout the Expo, food will be offered, so that attendees don’t have to leave for meals. This allows attendees to maximize their time with exhibitors.   
  • Superior educational sessions for both attendees and exhibitors.

Download our Clinical Nutrition Week 2017 Post-Event Report to see who attended.


ASPEN Nutrition Science and Practice Conference Expo Hours

Monday, January 22  5:45PM – 7:30PM Opening Reception
Tuesday, January 23  9:15AM – 2:00PM  
Wednesday, January 24  10:00AM – 2:30PM
Thursday, January 25      Expo CLOSED

Meeting Space Requests

Companies interested in conducting a meeting or small event at a contracted hotel must complete and submit the Meeting Space Request Form to ASPEN before space will be released. Companies agree not to schedule or conduct an outside activity that conflicts with official conference program hours. Internal staff meetings may be scheduled any time, but still require approval by ASPEN.

Corporate Satellite Symposia

In addition to official ASPEN Nutrition Science and Practice Conference programming, ASPEN provides a limited number of industry partners the opportunity to host their own independently managed symposium. Corporate Satellite Symposia do not compete with official ASPEN functions to ensure all attendees can take full advantage of the industry offerings. Companies are welcome to submit an application on any topic specific to clinical nutrition and are allowed, but not required, to offer continuing education through an approved provider. For an additional fee, enduring material options are available to reach learners outside the live event.

Corporate Satellite Symposia Guidelines   
Corporate Satellite Symposia Application

Central Stage

Industry partners are invited to participate in a unique opportunity offered at the ASPEN Nutrition Science and Practice Conference by hosting a Central Stage Presentation in one of the six offered time slots inside the Expo. Central Stage Presentations provide a platform for exhibitors to provide attendees new information on the latest tools and cutting-edge innovations in the field and connect with your target audience without having to leave the Convention Center.

Central Stage Guidelines Central Stage Application  

Questions regarding exhibiting, sponsorship, or advertising should be addressed to Valerie Mickiewicz, Corporate Relations and Conferences Manager or 301-920-9155.