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ASPEN18 Schedule

ASPEN’s Nutrition Science & Practice Conference provides you with a complete immersion into the nutrition issues influencing patient care. Learn through case-based presentations by experienced physicians, researchers, clinicians and other experts.


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Monday, January 22
Tuesday, January 23
Wednesday, January 24
Thursday, January 25

Monday, January 22, 2018  
7:00 AM − 4:00 PM 
  Parenteral Nutrition Order Writing Workshop (PNW−2018)
  Nutrition Support Fundamentals Course (NSFC−2018)
8:00 AM − 4:00 PM 
  Research Workshop: The Effect of Nutrition on Epigenetic Status, Growth, and Health (RW−2018)
12:00 PM − 4:00 PM 
  Postgraduate Course: Critical Care (PG−2018)
  Nutrition for the Practicing Pediatric Clinician (NPPC−2018)
4:30 PM − 5:45 PM 
  President’s Address (M10)
Tuesday, January 23, 2018
6:00 AM − 7:30 AM   
  Corporate Sponsored Breakfast − The CALORIES Trial: Understanding the Implications for Clinical Practice  
  Corporate Sponsored Breakfast: Metabolic Management of Enteral Nutrition in the ICU    
8:00 AM – 9:15 AM  
  Keynote Address: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Future of Nutritional Support (T10)
9:30 AM − 10:15 AM   
  Central Stage Presentation − How well do you know the dietary habits of your patients?: New Data from NHANES  
10:30 AM − 12:00 PM
  Identifying Nutrition in the Preterm and Neonatal Populations: Recommended Indicators (T23)
  Bacteria, Bones, and Stones: Managing Challenging Complications of SBS (T24)
10:30 AM − 12:30 PM  
  Late Breaking Session—Clinical Trials (T20)
  Adult Nutrition Focused Physical Assessment (T21)
  The Effect of Nutrition on Epigenetic Status, Growth, and Health—Practical Information for the Clinician (T22)
12:45 PM − 1:30 PM   
  Central Stage Presentation − Seeing is Believing: Visions to EMPOWER the Dietitian to be the KOL of Optimal Nutrition Technologies  
2:00 PM − 3:30 PM  
  Nutrition and Metabolism Research Paper Sessions
4:00 PM − 5:30 PM
  Roundtables (RT1)
  Clinical Case Management Forum–Home Parenteral Nutrition (T42)
  Nutritional Therapy of Enterocutaneous Fistulas (T41)
4:00 PM − 6:00 PM  
  Pediatric Basic Skills Lab (T43)
  Enhancing Recovery After Surgery: Advancing Nutrition Care (T40)
7:00 PM − 9:00 PM  
  Corporate Sponsored Dinner − Hospital Malnutrition: nutritionDay Results Around the Globe and Providing Optimal Nutrition Care for Your Patients  
Wednesday, January 24, 2018  
6:00 AM − 7:30 AM   
  Corporate Sponsored Breakfast − Expert Crossfire on the Safe and Appropriate Use of Parenteral Nutrition in Critically Ill Adults and Children  
8:00 AM − 10:00 AM  
  Dudrick Research Symposium—Novel Therapeutic Strategies for Critical Care (Small Peptides) (W10)    
10:15 AM − 11:00 AM   
  Central Stage Presentation − Shire  
10:30 AM − 12:30 PM   
  Enteral Access Management–A Refresher Course on Enteral Access Devices (W21)  
  Premier Paper Session and Vars Award Competition (W20)  
11:30 AM − 12:15 PM   
  Central Stage Presentation − Advancements in Lipid Emulsions: The Emergence of Smoflipid®  
12:45 PM − 1:30 PM   
  Central Stage Presentation − Shire  
2:30 PM − 4:00 PM   
  Basic Skills in Parenteral Nutrition Management (W34)  
  ESPEN Session: Optimal Nutrition (W33)  
  Lipids for Little Ones (W32)  
  From Prehab to Rehab: Improving Organ Transplant Outcomes with Nutrition (W31)  
  The Gut Microbiome: Taking A Nutritional Approach to Modify Disease (W30)  
4:15 PM − 5:45 PM   
  Graduation Day: Facilitating a Successful Transition for Patients with Pediatric Onset Chronic Conditions (POCC) from Adolescent to Adult Care (W43)  
  Roundtables (RT2)  
  Research: How to Start, Stay, Simultaneously Practice, and Succeed (W42)  
  Harvard Nutrition Support Fellows Symposium (W41)  
  Addressing Malnutrition in the Acute Care Setting: Innovative Practices (W40)  
7:00 PM − 9:00 PM   
  Corporate Sponsored Dinner − Hot Topics 2018: Contemporary Nutrition Issues  
Thursday, January 25, 2018  
6:00 AM − 7:30 AM  
  Corporate Sponsored Breakfast: Improving Patient Outcomes in Parenteral Nutrition: The Role of Lipid Emulsions − A Cased Based Discussion  
8:00 AM−9:15 AM  
  Rhoads Research Lecture and Awards Ceremony: How Understanding Inter–Organ Energy Flow Facilitates Nutrition Support (R10)  
9:45 AM − 11:15 AM   
  Reconceptualizing and Redefining Pediatric Feeding Disorder (R24)  
  Alternative Lipids in Parenteral Nutrition–Learning from International Experiences (R23)  
  Nutritional and Phamacotherapy Approaches to Short Bowel Syndrome to Maintain Independence from Parenteral Support (R22)  
  “Are They Going to Starve?” and Other Ethical Dilemmas Related to Nutrition at the End of Life (R21)  
9:45 AM−11:45 AM  
  Lean Body Mass Preservation in the Critically Ill (R20)  
11:30 AM − 12:15 PM  
  Special Lunch Session: Challenges in Managing Shortages of Parenteral Nutrition (PN) Components  
  Special Lunch Session: Electronic Health Record (EHR) Tips and Tricks  
12:30 PM − 2:00 PM   
  When Your Eosinophils Spoil Your Dinner: Updates in Food Allergies and Eosinophilic Esophagitis (R34)  
  Managing the Top 10 Complaints of Home Enteral Nutrition Patients (R33)  
  Nutrition Education (R32)  
  Nutrition Support Nightmares (R31)  
  Global Practices of Nutrition Support (R30)  
2:30 PM − 4:00 PM  
  Food as Medicine for Complex GI Disorders (R43)  
  Nutritional Care in Cancer Patients: A Key Factor to Enhance Clinical Outcomes (R41)  
  Bedside Tools to Assess Body Composition and Muscle Function (R40)  
2:30 PM − 4:30 PM  
  Leveraging a Registry to Conduct Randomized Controlled Trials: Is it Worth the EFFORT? (R42)  
ASPEN18 Adjournment